May 23, 2018

2000: RIP Big Pun, JLo’s Dress + Is It The End Of The World? #94TilInfinity

Summer Jam
2000: RIP Big Pun, JLo’s Dress + Is It The End Of The World? #94TilInfinity

The year 2000.

We knew the new millennium would bring on some weird stuff. I bet no one predicted this.

It all began in the last hours of 1999. No one knew what was going to happen next. Is the world going to end? Will all the computers in the world just crash? The clock struck 12 P.M. and surprise we were all alive!

We should have known that was the first sign of some very interesting things to happen that year.

Below are 6 things you probably forgot about in the year 2000.

Remember Snake?

Well before anybody even had a thought about putting music into a phone, and going onto the internet on there, all we wanted to do was play snake. The Nokia 3310 was the #1 selling phone that year. We bet you or someone in your family had one!

Who’s The President?

Florida, Florida, Florida. It is until this day one of the most controversial elections in American history. It all came down to the Sunshine state, where Republican challenger for president, George W. Bush’s brother was the governor, and the race was too close too call until December. Al Gore ended up losing following  a one of a kind Supreme Court decision following days of butterfly ballots, protests, hanging chads, and court fights.

Playstation 2 was released

Wait, I can watch DVD’s on my gaming console? Playstation 2 was released on October 26, 2000. It had a brand new look, new color, and remember the days you had to use an 8MB memory card to save your games? Games such as Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy, and Metal Gear Solid were never the same.

RIP Big Pun

On February 5, 2000, Big Pun suffered a heart attack and passed away at the young age of 28. At that point he had weighed 698 pounds. The rapper left us at the peak of his career, before the release of his sophomore album.


It came. It went. And NOTHING happened. People hid themselves in bunkers thinking it was the end of the world.


Jennifer Lopez knows how to steal a headline. She showed up on the Grammy’s red carpet wearing a Versace dress that fit her perfectly, and left little to the imagination. That iconic green dress is STILL being talked about until this day.

See highlights from Summer Jam 2000 below.

Summer Jam 2000

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