April 24, 2017

Festival Stage: Casanova

Summer Jam
Festival Stage: Casanova

    CASANOVA aka CAS for Cash & Success grew up on the tough but iconic streets of Flatbush, BROOKLYN where he learned to perfect his craft as a hustling MC.


    CASANOVA started his curiosity with Hip-Hop when he initially has a brush in with the law. It wasn’t until recently about a year ago when he recorded a freestyle to YoGotti’s “Down in the DM” and received praise from fellow brooklynites even YoGotti himself.


    Since then CASANOVA has stepped out on his own to record his smash single “Don’t Run”.


    As CASANOVA single is tearing up the club scene he is gearing up to release his new EP through Media Management titled “NO GOOD MORNING – GET MONEY” that will have features from some of NY’s Ellie artists.