May 4, 2022

Get To Know Summer Jam Performers, Rap Duo, Girll Codee

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Get To Know Summer Jam Performers, Rap Duo, Girll Codee


Brooklyn rap duo Girll Codee, consists of Hiii Siddity and ShaaBiggaa will hit that Summer Jam stage for the first time. They’ve been heating up the streets, and airwaves, showing that they’re here to stay! *Screams* CLEARLLYYY

GC delivers rare back and forth rap, a style we don’t typically see in this generation. They remind me of Jadakiss and Styles P. Their storytelling skills, paired with their ability to drop fire metaphors and put words together, are incredible. 

Their debut EP SHESTYLES was released earlier this year. It’s a 10-track diverse project that pays HOMAGE to hip hop! Tracks like “MONEY POWER RESPECT“, show love to rap legend Lil Kim, and “10 CODEE COMMANDMENTSpays homage to the Notorious B.I.G. Advice from both of them on the track, “never get high if you ain’t smoking the za!” Siddity’s, “Please watch out for the ones you keeping close cause you thought he was ya son & now he got you meeting ghosts.” Biggaa, “Make sure that your fam always straight only eat what you can eat don’t gotta overload ya plate.

4 BREEZE” is a turn-up, high-energy vibe. The duo raps over “Drop” by Timbaland + Magoo ft. Fatman Scoop. On “BOY U KNOW iii“, we see the ladies show off their pen and rap about love. It’s not a full-on “R&B” song; they still deliver their gritty bars. The beat is over Twista’s “Overnight Celebrity.” 

On Luchini (G-Mix) the ladies paid homage to Camp Lo’s track. The video is out of this world and super creative as the two are bank robbers. In one scene, they sit pretty in a bar, Siddity puffs on a cigar while Bigga rocks her signature look with a pair of shades.


On the self-titled track GIRLL CODEE, they really show off their back and forth rapping skills over Busta Rhymes’ “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See.” “F*ck a gang we roll two-deep” ~ Siddity 

If you’re a 80’s hip hop fan, you’ll truly appreciate “ILLIANNA” and it will feel nostalgic. They rap over a Slick Rick beat, and it sounds like how the essence of hip hop sounds. A notable line is when Siddity raps, “I’m slick like I’m Rick with one eye I can spot you and if you want smoke like a blunt Ima light you.” (Biggaa screams, “that’s FIYAHHHH in the back). 

On “AIN’T LEAVIN” the women rap over Fabolous’ “She Wildin” beat. On this track, the ladies show off a sexy, fun vibe. 

EL BONICS is a ‘how to survive in NY guide” type of song. The two break down New York slang. Notable lyric, (Sha Biggaa) “you know hennything is possible, ya use to call em prostitutes, we call em’ treashes and thots, cause they’ll suck a co*k or two.” Another is when Siddity says, “and if I ever say it’s clipped, it’s over or dead, over the bread? Knock off ya kufi, meaning off with ya head.” 


Another dope single they dropped this year is “WHOA.” They prove they can hop on any sound, even drill. Even though drill is popular right now, they didn’t allow themselves to “follow the crowd,” if anything, we are following them! If you’re wondering why their chemistry together is so dope it’s because they were friends before the music. They both went to a performing arts school in Brooklyn and would rap back then. When they took it serious, they dropped music online and saw success. The rest is history from there! 

Dropped a freestyle now everybody know us!” ~ Biggaa (4BREEZE)