April 20, 2018

Looking Back At Swizz Beatz Classic Beat Battle At Summer Jam [VIDEO]

Summer Jam Swizz Beatz
Looking Back At Swizz Beatz Classic Beat Battle At Summer Jam [VIDEO]

2007 SummerJam included one of the most memorable moments in Summer Jam history.

Swizz Beatz wanted to give some love to producers that year. So he thought, you know what let me do a live beat battle. That year other producers did not want to face off in front of the energetic Summer Jam crowd. Kanye West took that challenge and with nearly a decade of hits between the two at that time gave fans hit after hit after hit. DMX , Jay-Z, N.O.R.E, Cam’ron. It was hit after hit after hit.

“When I look at Summer Jam, I noticed that a lot of the performing artists always got the shine,” he said on a past episode of Drink Champs. “The producers were always behind those big hit records [that] these artists were able to go onstage and do their thing to. I said, ‘Let’s go onstage and pay homage to these producers.’ And Summer Jam is very controversial. ‘Let’s make it a battle where I’m talking shit and whoever comes out and challenges me to talking shit with their greatest couple of hits and I give them my greatest couple of hits.’ And we gave the people a show that was respectable and paid homage to the producer.”

He later recalled the big moment.

“The craziest part, I told him my playlist, he told me his playlist. I kept my playlist and he changed his playlist,” he said. “When it was showtime, I heard songs he didn’t present [previously]. The songs he picked before, I thought it was a little stronger. I wanted him to be great and me to be great. And he was great. But I think the selection that we first had was better. Because it’s not like me going on the Summer Jam stage and showing off on another person because that man is talented. He’s a genius. He’s a master of his craft just like Timbaland, Dr. Dre, Pharrell, Just Blaze, all the producers. They’re masters of their own crafts.”

This moment inspired he and Just Blaze’s classic battle in which we were there to witness 11 years later. With almost 20 years of hits and tons of friends would anybody else dare challenge Swizz again?

Remember the legendary moment below.

Summer Jam is June 20, at MetLife Stadium. Tickets are on sale now!