April 20, 2018

Remembering The Best Run Of Lil’ Wayne’s Career! [VIDEO]

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Remembering The Best Run Of Lil’ Wayne’s Career! [VIDEO]

In 2004, Lil’ Wayne released what will become the first in a series of albums he called Tha Carter.

Each album brought a unique style and helped build his legendary status in hip hop. If Tha Carter was the beginning of the rise, Tha Carter II is the homecoming, Tha Carter III was the peak, and Tha Carter IV is his longevity in the genre.

On June 10, Weezy will be performing Tha Carter classics! What does that mean? Will he bring Nicki Minaj out? How about Drake? Wait if it’s Tha Carter will be get a reunion with Birdman and Manny Fresh? What about Mr. Carter with Jay Z?

Let’s not forget the classic mixtapes in between albums! Weezy built his legacy between Tha Carter II and Tha Carter III. The Drought series, Tha Carter III leak, The Dedication, are all apart of the journey that created the anticipation before the third project in the series.

We still have to wait but let’s take a look at some of the possibilities in the playlist below.

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