Jayda Cheaves and lil Baby attend Jeezy+Lil Baby Birthday Celebration at Compound on October 6, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia.
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Lil Baby Responds To His BM Calling Him Out For Putting Their Son’s Health ‘At Risk’ + Jayda & Yaya Mayweather Chime In

The drama between Lil Baby and the mother of his eldest son, Ayesha, continues. 

Last week there was tension between Lil Baby and Ayesha over their son’s unpaid tuition after he showed off buying his girlfriend/mother of young son a Birkin bag. Now Ayesha says her son’s father broke another promise of getting her a car. Ayesha shared a video online, venting about having to ride around in users with their son because he didn’t get them a car. She said that not having a vehicle is putting her and their baby boy at risk of catching COVID-19. Then she went on to say that Lil Baby is acting petty toward her but their son, Jason, is the one ultimately suffering. 

Ayesha went on to say that in the past, Lil Baby told her she has to “act a certain way” to receive anything from him. She also claims that Jayda, “hates her guts.” Ayesha also said that she left Lil Baby which is why he has some sort of resentment toward her. Jayda got word and wrote a few messages online about being an independent woman no matter what the situation is!

Take a look at clips captured by The Shade Room:

Yaya Mayweather also chimed in on the conversation:

Lil Baby addressed the drama on Twitter and said that his children are well taken care of. He also revealed that he did buy Ayesha a car and it’s sitting in his garage waiting for her. He also said that he paid the tuition Ayesha wanted him to pay, just to make her happy, but doubts she’ll take their son because she is “irresponsible.” 


Hopefully, they can all work it out. 


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