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Tammy Rivera Opens Up About Her Experience With Colorism

Tammy Rivera unintentionally sparked a debate on social media while talking about her experience with colorism. 

The reality tv star posted a video on her social media account, where she weighed in on the issue of colorism within the black community and went on to speak about her own experience with it. 

In the video, Rivera seems to urge the black community, women of color, in particular, to break the cycle. “I think instead of us bickering about it as grown women, and making it worse by saying, ‘Oh, you light skin bit***s have been bullying us’, or, ‘You dark skin bit***s have been bullying us,’ how about you teach your children different so that this cycle can stop? This can be over with. We can stop this ourselves.” 

Rivera would continue by saying, “This is the whole agenda of what they were trying to do in the beginning when they created the paper bag rule to have us go against each other, and hate each other when we call got the same damn struggle. Can’t nobody tell me that because I’m light my struggle ain’t as hard as yours. That’s a got damn lie.” 

Watch the entire video below. 


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