August 20, 2018

2 People Stole 2 Planes This Summer? HOW?

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2 People Stole 2 Planes This Summer? HOW?
Photo by Sony Ramany/NurPhoto via Getty Images)


I couldn’t even get pass TSA with my MAC liquid foundation, that I had JUST bought, so the fact that two people were able to even attempt to steal planes this summer is BEYOND me.


About a week ago in Seattle, an airline worker managed to hop on an empty plane, drive it down the runway and took off faster than a Migos song. With no prior pilot training, airline executives were stunned to see 29-year-old Richard Russell was actually flying the bird, doing some “incredible maneuvers,” according to Horizon Air CEO Gary Beck reported on the Seattle Times


Luckily air traffic control was able to guide Richard while he was in the air to avoid hitting other planes. Unfortunately things took a fatal turn when he crashed into a nearby island, 30 miles south of where he took off. Officials believe he died moments later after the accident.


Meanwhile in Texas, 18-year-old Zemarcuis Devon Scott wanted to win the diehard fan award at ANY cost. What’s more ganagsta’ than showing up to the On The Run tour in a stolen plane?


Earlier this month we reported that one night around 2:30 a.m. airport security got a call that someone hopped the fence and was attempting to take off in the American Eagle twin-engine jet. By the time authorities arrived, the plane’s doors had already been closed.


The officers recognized Zemarcuis from past encounters and managed to get inside. When police asked him how he had planned on flying the bird with no pilot training, he told them that he “didn’t believe there was much more to the task than pushing buttons and pulling levers,” according to reports.


Too bad Zemarcuis didn’t get to fly, instead he’s being held at the Miller County jail with bail set at $25,000 and facing 10 years behind bars. The real question is, HOW were these two separate incidents able to happen?


Airlines should definitely step up their security, don’t you think?