May 04, 2022

5 Facts You Need To Know About Summer Jam Performer NLE Choppa

5 Facts You Need To Know About Summer Jam Performer NLE Choppa
One things for certain - NLE Choppa and his artistry is here to stay.It has been announced that Memphis rapper, NLE Choppa will be hitting that legendary festival stage at this year's Summer Jam.Choppa went from being just a high school student to going completely viral and generating what a seems like millions of fans over night. Back in 2018, Choppa and his friends would causally freestyle in high school just for fun - but little did he know, that would be the start of something huge. His single 'Shotta Flow' was his first breakout hit and has since earned his almost 200M views on Youtube.Before Choppa performs at Summer Jam - Here's 5 facts you must know about him.
He originally went by the stage name of "YNR Choppa."
The rapper has yet to explain what the "YNR" stood for, but did he say that "Choppa" was a nickname he had since he was a kid. His current stage name, "NLE" stands for "No Love Entertainment." He
“it’s pretty much a brand, all that,” he says. “With No Love Entertainment, I want to pretty much make it into a label. Just make it big, make it a household name.”
He practices a veganism and holistic lifestyle
.During a
Choppa explains, "I meditate a lot, and when I was in the beginning stages of mediation, I peeped how my body would react when I would put certain things in it. So let's say I meditate for 30 minutes and come out of the meditation with energy. Now I go eat some chicken or a burger or some shit and I get back to being tired, or my mindset gets back to the state of mind I was in before I meditated. So as I started to peep my body, realize how my body was reacting to certain foods, I told myself that I had to go cold turkey–I just cut out meat completely. I found the nearest vegan place in Atlanta and after that, I've been vegan ever since."
He is a fan of reggae music.
The "Me VS Me" rapper has a thing for reggae music - in fact, he admits that Bob Marley is the "only person" he really listens to. “A little bit of Shabba Ranks sometimes, but I mostly listen to Bob Marley.”
NLE Choppa developed a natural "BBL
supplement pill."
The supplement, entitled “BBL Herb Concoction,” enlarges the hips, butt, and even the breast.” He explains, "“I’m proud of myself. I recognized everyone wants a African body nowadays and they lean on surgery to do so. Which leads to 1 death to every 1000 of them approximately. I’ve developed a natural BBL blend that enlarges the hips, butt, and even the breast. Share This To Save A Life.”
He says he received the best advice from Steve Wonder.
While hanging out at the same event, Stevie Wonder gave Choppa some short yet meaningful advice. He told him to "keep working." Which has stuck with him ever since.Catch Choppa performing all his top hits on the festival stage at the 2022 Summer Jam.