March 8, 2019

5 Must-See Movies Coming Out In March [VIDEO]

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5 Must-See Movies Coming Out In March [VIDEO]

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If you’re a movie head or need some date ideas, these are the top five films coming out to theaters in March 2019:

1. Oscar Award-winning Jordan Peele’s Us is catching a lot of attention. He’s becoming the master of suspense. Us is a comedian-turned–horror and is a follow up to his 2017 movie Get Out. It hits theaters March 22. Check out the trailer:


2. Captain Marvel is making history during women’s month! This is the first female-led movie. Captain Marvel is played by Brie Larson, who is first introduced as Vers, a Starforce Agent. Vers isn’t a character from the original Captain Marvel comics. She has powers like super strength, physical endurance, and the ability to shoot blasts of energy from her fingertips. It comes out March 8. See trailer:


3. Captive State is about Aliens and dystopia coming together and a series of events happen. It’s a mix of science fiction, corrupt government, and slavery. If you like The Purge you may be interested in this film. It comes out March 15. Watch the trailer:


4. The Hummingbird Project which stars Jesse Eisenberg, Alexander Skarsgård, and Salma Hayek. It’s a drama about intelligent people making money off technology. It comes out March 15. Check out the trailer:


5. Trading Paint is for race car lovers. The movie stars John Travolta and Shania Twain. It’s a comedy about a father and son having a falling out. A rival racing giant takes advantage of the rift and starts trouble. It hits theaters March 22. This is the trailer: