September 6, 2017

5 Things That Might Happen On The Next Season Of “Power”

5 Things That Might Happen On The Next Season Of “Power”

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Was everyone else’s heart racing like mine while watching the season finale of Power? I can say this firmly; it is one of the best shows on TV other then Game Of Thrones (the bestttt).


With the finale, it left a lot of us Power fans wondering what will happen next in Season 5? Who? What, when, where, how?!




So for the season 4 finale, Tariq ends up killing Raye Raye but Tasha is taking the blame for it so he doesn’t have to, she is a great woman! Kanan, Ghost and Tommy are joining forces to conspire against Dre whom they just found out betrayed them and now working with the Jimenez.



The season finale of @power_starz was crazy. Now what will happen in Season 5?! Check out 5 scenarios we think might happen now on #powertv

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That’s a lot to digest but it leaves the door open for all of these scenarios below to happen:


1. Tasha will face trial and Tariq will ultimately take the blame.



– I think Tariq will feel so utterly guilty for his mom taking the fall for his actions that he will just come clean and say he shot Raye Raye. It’s already tearing him apart that his sister died because of him; I don’t think he’ll be able to stomach losing someone else, especially his mom because of his mistakes.



2. Kanan will turn on Ghost and Tommy.




– Now I love how the gang is back together and all but something is telling me that Kanan has ulterior motives and we will see the real reason why he’s helping out Tommy and Ghost.



3. Expect Tommy’s Italian affiliations to come into play.



– We will see his dad Teresi’s mafia ties come into play heavily now, introducing a whole new regime to the storyline. For some reason, I think Ghost’s work with the community and real estate will be very intriguing to the mafia, maybe they’ll want a piece of the pie in return for the help they provided?



4. There will be an all out war leading to the murder of Dre.




– There will be an all out street war between the two crews: Dre/Jimenez and Ghost/Tommy/Kanan. Expect more blood, more deaths and more plotting; ultimately leading to the end of Dre whom everyone thinks is just too much trouble for their own good.



5. Angela will play a major role in Tasha’s trial.




– The fact that Tasha came to Angela for help, the last person in the world she would want help from says A LOT. Angela sympathized for Tasha and saw how vulnerable she was in her office. Ultimately, Angela will help Tasha in any way she can. The two will end up having newfound respect for each other ending their feud.




So that’s just some scenarios I think might happen, what do you think will happen?