February 1, 2021

50 Cent Wants To Fight Floyd Mayweather In The Ring! 

50 Cent
50 Cent Wants To Fight Floyd Mayweather In The Ring! 

Would you want to see this celebrity boxing match? 

50 Cent wants to do a boxing match with Floyd Mayweather. During a radio interview, Fif talked about the possibility of putting on some gloves and fighting Floyd in the ring. 

“I’d fight Floyd if I can get down closer to the [weight],” he said during a conversation on V-103. “Or he could just let me not have to get down to 150.”

Due to their differences in weight classes, it wouldn’t be a fair fight. 50 is 6-feet tall and around 210 pounds and Floyd is 5’ 8” and 150 pounds.

50 spoke on attempting to lose the weight before. “I tried [losing a lot of weight] before, I looked like a homeless person.” 

During the same conversation, he also spoke about the chances he’d participate in a Verzuz battle, “I think that’s for people that didn’t get enough while they were doing it. I got more than my share. It’s usually the guys that felt they were lyrical. They felt like theirs was special and nobody recognized it.”

There are reports 50 Cent recently started connecting again with his firstborn son Marquis after years of their relationship being estranged.