March 14, 2019

A Version Of M.O.P.’s ‘Ante Up (Remix)’ Was Recorded w/ Prodigy Dissing Jay-Z

A Version Of M.O.P.’s ‘Ante Up (Remix)’ Was Recorded w/ Prodigy Dissing Jay-Z
(Photo Credit: Frank Micelotta/Brian Ach/Getty Images)

Could you imagine this?

Back in the year 2000, Jay-Z and Prodigy of Mobb Deep were engaged in a a feud that would eventually reach its boiling point with a shout out and historic moment with the track “Takeover” and its accompanying performance on Summer Jam.

In the midst of the beef, M.O.P. was looking to record and release the remix of their bubbling single “Ante Up.” We all know the classic remix to include Remy Ma, Teflon and Busta Rhymes. According to Billy Danze in a brand new interview with Doggie Diamonds TV, the track was originally supposed to feature Jay-Z and Prodigy.

Things fell apart when the late Mobb Deep rapper recorded a verse dissing Hova on the track.

“We didn’t have [Remy] in mind,” he said. “Cause really, Jay was supposed to get on the song. Prodigy had did a record for the song. Now, I didn’t wanna use Prodigy’s verse because he was actually talking about Jay. Remember, they had the little beef. So, I hit Jay and was like, ‘Yo, nevermind. Don’t worry about the verse, we closing the song out.’”

Wow. At the end Danze didn’t feel comfortable of either party bringing their beef to the track.

“I couldn’t allow that,” he continued. “Even if it was the other way around, even if Jay would’ve got on the record dissing Prodigy, I would’ve took Jay off the record. You don’t bring your little beef and your little war into my house. I don’t do that.”

Who knows how that would’ve changed the trajectory of that beef in rap history. We do know that the decision to bring Remy Ma on was probably one of their best yet.

Watch more of the conversation below.