December 30, 2017

Activist Erica Garner Passes Away At Age 27

Activist Erica Garner Passes Away At Age 27

(Photo Credit: Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Erica Garmer. the oldest daughter of the late Eric Garner who died while being arrested has passed away at the age of 27-years-old following a heart attack. 

Following the passing of her father at the hands of the NYPD, she used the controversial nature to become a big voice against police brutality and helping bring racial equality in New York City and across this nation. 

The mother of two had a severe heart attack after suffering an asthma attack on Christmas Ever in which she reportedly sustained major brain damage. She had been in a coma following the incident. 

A statement from her official Twitter page announced the sad news to the world. 

We are keeping the Garner family in our prayers.