May 02, 2022

Ah Ah AH: DreamDoll Returns To Hot 97 Summer Jam Stage

Ah Ah AH: DreamDoll Returns To Hot 97 Summer Jam Stage

Dream Doll Is Back At Summer Jam!

Dream Doll went from being in the stands to being on stage.
The Bronx rapper performed at Hot 97 Summer Jam last year for the first time. Initially, she was supposed to hit the festival village state, but that part of the concert got canceled due to a hurricane. The bad weather didn't stop thousands of hip-hop fans from attending.
Staten Island's CJ brought Dream out on the main stage to perform their collaboration on CJ's
Dream also performed her hot 2020 banger
"Ah Ah Ah,"
produced by
one of the hosts on-air for Ladies' Night
(every Saturday 2 am - 4 am on Hot 97),
sat down with
last year for an exclusive interview. Dream spoke about performing at the concert for the first time during the conversation. She was humbled by the fact only a few years ago; she was "in the crowd," finessing her way closer to the stage with friends. Now she can say she performed at the biggest hip hop concert in the world.
Dream also kept it 100 and said before she performed "Ah Ah Ah," she told her manager, Brooklyn Johnny, that she was going to engage with the crowd. He warned her that things could go wrong if the crowd didn't repeat her "Ah Ah Ah" lyrics back to her. A fearless Dream decided to do it anyway. She yelled to the crowd,
and then she put the mic to the audience, and they screamed
Fans went berserk, and it was EPIC!
Dream is having an incredible 2022. She released "
," and revealed to fans her sexuality. Dream let it be known that she's bisexual, and the single was seemingly an ode to the ladies in hip hop. Dream shouted out people like the
City Girls, Coi Leray,
, and more in the song.
Dream spoke about wanting to try women during the Ladies Night interview, even if it was just for fun.
A few months later, she dropped "
" ft. Fellow Bronx native Capella Grey. The
heated up the streets and the airwaves.
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Recently, Dream teamed up with legendary BX rapper French Montana for her single called "
points out it was produced by Tarik Azzouz, STREETRUNNER, and Uneek. In addition, it samples Raekwon's 1995 classic
"Ice Cream,"
featuring Ghostface Killah, Method Man, and Cappadonna.
"My ice cream dream, n***as ain't gettin money like they seem," she raps. "Don't hit me if it ain't about the C.R.E.A.M./I'm sharin' all the flavors on my team."
Let us know what songs you want Dream Doll to perform!