July 30, 2019

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez On Impeaching Trump, Nancy Pelosi, Recent Backlash + Breaks Down Her Job

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez On Impeaching Trump, Nancy Pelosi, Recent Backlash + Breaks Down Her Job

“We’re proud of all the noise you’re making.”

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took over the airwaves on Ebro in the Morning to discuss a variety of topics including Impeaching Donald Trump, her relationship with Nancy Pelosi & other democrats in Congress, the President’s comments to “send them back,” detention centers & immigration, Israel, what she is looking towards in the next Democratic debates, whether she will support any presidential candidate and much more.

She also broke down her job as a congresswoman and what she is doing to help New York’s 14th congressional district locally as well as in Washington D.C.

During the first part of the conversation, she breaks down how her office has helped people in her district so far in her short tenure.

“We’ve gotten people’s green cards delivered to them,” she said. “We’ve gotten people’s visa’s approved, we’ve gotten passports, we’ve gotten families reunited, so that’s a big part of my job.”

AOC also broke down why she feels Donald Trump, his administration, and the Republican party is currently pushing away immigration in the United States.

“It has never been about undocumented immigrants,” she said. “They have always said that. They’ve always said that, but to the point you are telling members of congress to “go back to your country,” you showed your hand. This has always been about race.”

Speaking of race, she also spoke on why she feels racism is bad for this country.

“In this country, white people will never be free unless black and brown people are too,” she said. “We will always be shackled frankly in economic oppression if we allow racism to continue to divide us. All of this stuff is how race and class are intertwined to make sure the very few continue to concentrate their wealth and privilege and power.”

Donald Trump attacked Elijah Cummings, and his district in the city of the Baltimore recently in comments that have been echoed to have racial undertones. Ocasio-Cortez speaks on the reason he decided to attack him.

“You want to know the real reason he is going after Elijah Cummings,” she asked. “Because [he] is my chairman on Oversight Committee, and as the chairman of Oversight he is revealing a whole … they just came up with all these documents that showed the Trump administration gave their speech to Saudi [Arabian] officials for edits before they unveiled their policy.”

As for her conversation with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi she described it as “good and productive.” AOC also gave a critique on the Democratic party in the way they make decisions at times.

“I think there’s always going to be that friction,” she said. “The easiest way to keep your job is to fly under the radar.”

For issues visit one of her two offices in Parkchester in the Bronx, or in Jackson Heights, Queens.

Watch the full conversation below.