March 17, 2021

Alexis Skyy’s BD Opens Up On When He Found Out He Was The Father & Not Fetty Wap

Alexis Skyy’s BD Opens Up On When He Found Out He Was The Father & Not Fetty Wap

Alexis Skyy confirmed Fetty Wap isn’t her daughter’s father.

Two years ago, Fetty said Alaiya Grace, 3, wasn’t biologically his, but Alexis didn’t speak out about it. 

A man named Brandon Medford is Alaiya’s (aka Lay Lay) father. He’s the co-founder of a luxury car dealership. Brandon appeared on the Kitchen Talk The Podcast and spoke about how he found out Lay Lay was his. He said Alexis asked him privately to take a paternity test. He agreed and got the results back a week later. Brandon said at first he was “shocked,” but then he got excited. 

“I’m shocked, only because I had my parents my whole life. I never had to find my father or my mother. I was just shocked. And then I was actually excited.” He continued, “To know that I do have a little girl in this world, and I can become her father… That’s your first love. Because of that, I was like, wow.”

Brandon said in 2017; he doesn’t know why Alexis didn’t ask him to take a paternity test when they were with each other. According to Brandon, he’s not sure how the world was under the impression it was Fetty’s child. Take a look at a screen-grab, captured by the Glock Topickz blog:

The reality star accused Brandon of being “ashamed” to be Lay Lay’s dad. Earlier this week, Alexis aired Brandon out on social media in a since-deleted message. The Jasmine Brand captured a screenshot, Alexis said, 

 “Let them know how embarrassed you are of your child because she has special needs!!!”

Lay Lay was born in January 2018, but she arrived three months premature. She was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus, a buildup of fluid in the cavities within the brain. 

In 2019, when Fetty found out Lay Lay wasn’t his, he said he’ll always be there for her. He was there for Lay Lay during Alexis’s entire pregnancy. Fetty said he wouldn’t go above his boundaries, if Lay Lay were his, it’d be different, but none the less he loves her forever. 

Alexis and Brandon don’t appear to be romantically involved. It seems like he’s making an effort to be in their daughter’s life. Hopefully, everything works out!