May 22, 2018

ANOTHER Women Accuses R. Kelly Of Sexual Assault + Passing STD [VIDEO]

ANOTHER Women Accuses R. Kelly Of Sexual Assault + Passing STD [VIDEO]
(Photo Credit: Scott Legato/Getty Images)

Things are not getting any better for R. Kelly.

The singer continues to face tons of backlash due to his lifestyle. This time a woman by the name of Faith Rodgers has come forward with a lawsuit accusing Kellz of sexual abuse and being passed an STD.

Rodgers says she met R. Kelly is March 2017 after a show in Texas. He later flew her out to New York City for one of his shows where the two had consensual sex. She says during their intimate outing, he then initiated “unwanted sexual contact.”

“Defendant, R. Kelly, locked Plaintiff in secluded areas including rooms, studios and motor vehicles, for extended periods of time in order to punish Plaintiff for failing to please Defendant sexually and/or for perceived offenses and violations of his prescribed code of conduct,” the lawsuit says according to the Chicago Tribune.

The complaint also claims that he gave her herpes, and that he was abusive throughout their yearlong relationship.

This is just the latest of multiple allegations including reports of an alleged sex ring or cult-like environment he has been involved in.

During an interview with CBS This Morning she gave more details on her experience, including being locked in a van.

“He goes on to tell me that he raises five women. Some of them had been with him for 15 years,” she said. “And he basically was trying to make it seem like it was a family thing. He described these women as being his family. Then he goes on to tell me, ‘You know what? I love you because you remind me of them.’”

Watch her interview below.

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