May 16, 2019

Ayesha Curry Addresses Colorism In The Black Community

Ayesha Curry
Ayesha Curry Addresses Colorism In The Black Community
(Photo Credit: Monica Schipper/Getty Images)

Ayesha Curry is continuing to speak her truth, and get a lot of things off of her chest.

This time she discussed colorism in the black community during a conversation with Working Mother Magazine.

Curry, was born in Canada to a Jamaican & Chinese mother and a Black and Polish father. She addressed her experiences identifying as Jamaican when she moved to North Carolina, and the backlash she has received due to her skin color.

“Everyone was from a place other than Canada and that’s how you identified yourself, not black or white,” she said. “I identified as Jamaican because that’s where my mom came from. In the States I’m simply ‘black.’”

She also later continued talking about what she tells her daughters, who also are light skinned.

“They’re fair in complexion, and they’ve said: ‘I’m not black; look at my skin.’ And I said: ‘No, no, no. You’re a black woman. You have melanin. It’s part of who you are. Our descendants are from Africa. This is what that means.’ It’s been a journey teaching them that, and that black comes in many different shades.”

“My own community needs to embrace everyone better,” she said. “Sometimes I feel like I’m too black for the white community, but I’m not black enough for my own community. That’s a hard thing to carry. That’s why my partnership with CoverGirl was special for me because I felt like I didn’t fit the mold [of a CoverGirl]. I’m not in the entertainment industry, in the traditional sense. I’m not thin; I’m 170 pounds on a good day. It’s been a journey for me, and that’s why I want my girls to understand who they are—and to love it.”

Curry has received a lot of backlash as she has been very open recently about her self-esteem and comments about wanting other men to find her attractive in comparison to the women who shoot their shot with her husband Stephen Curry.