August 13, 2018

Baltimore Officer Caught Beating Man on Tape RESIGNS [VIDEO]

Baltimore Officer Caught Beating Man on Tape RESIGNS [VIDEO]
Photo Credit: Screenshot from video


Over the week a graphic video of a Baltimore police officer furiously assaulting a man surfaced the Internet and went viral.


Baltimore police officers have not released the name of the officer in the footage, however according to reports he decided to resign after the world found out about his disservice to the community.


Baltimore Police Department Interim Commissioner Gary Toggle has accepted the officer’s resignation nonetheless the investigation on the case is still going.


The commissioner admitted to the public that like many, the video “deeply disturbed” him.


Take a look at the graphic footage below:

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The officer caught on video punching a man who refused to show an ID is being investigated by Baltimore Police Commissioner Gary Tuggle. ABC reports, “the suspect was approached by officers working ‘a special cross borders crime initiative’ and was asked to provide identification. According to reports, the two had a previous encounter back in June which resulted in the man in the video being arrested for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and assaulting the officer.

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