June 2, 2017

BBWLA Meghan James SHADES Rob Kardashian in Latest Dating Rumors! [PHOTO]

Photo Credit: Giphy

Social Media took a turn when rumors spilled about Rob Kardashian allegedly dating Basketball Wife/ Bad Girls Club cast member Meghan James.

The reality TV star took to Instagram with a caption that sums up her feelings about Rob and the Kardashian clan along with a few JABS…

“I do not control the media, BUT we all know who has the media on their payroll,” said James on IG.

According to Meghan she was being labled as a hoe and a home wrecker when people began to speculate the two were dating.

See the post below:


Before any of you start defaming my character .. I’m CLEARLY not dating rob , nor have I ever confirmed that I was . You all just so happen to believe everything you read. I posted one pair of Arthur George socks 2/3 weeks ago & now all of a sudden I’m a home wrecker, a fraud , a hoe… etc . I do not control the media , BUT we all know who has the media on their payroll . Sooo… don’t point any fingers this way ! I’m just ” Megan something . ” that most of you ” never heard of” . I don’t have that type of power . I was just as confused as anyone else and was told not to even entertain it.

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