December 30, 2018

Best of 2018: Top Social Media Moments [VIDEO+PHOTOS]

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Best of 2018: Top Social Media Moments [VIDEO+PHOTOS]

Photo Credit: HOT 97


Social Media has been in an uproar all 2018 with moments that either left a positive impression on you, or a bad taste in your mouth. 


Some of your favorite artists broke the Internet with new music, performances, and accomplishments that went viral on the platforms we consume daily. 


Social Media has shown the year 2018 that it has the power to  make a change….literally!


Let’s start with:


 Shiggy’s In My Feelings Challenge

Shiggy’s Instagram antics landed him a spot in Drakes visual for ‘In My Feelings.’

Not only was the dance a viral moment that lasted longer than anyone expected, Drake also took the Internet star on different tour stops to perform!



IHOP turns into House of Burgers?

IHOB didn’t last long! IHOP doubled back when they saw the negative reaction to the ‘House of Burgers.’


BBQ Becky, Permit Patty,Bodega Kid, Target Teresa, Pool Patrol Paula

White people who refused to mind their business and call the police on Black people for absolutely no reason received a lot of attention this year; some even got fired from their jobs and kicked out of their apartment complexes.


Fortnite  Stealing Dances

Fortnite is catching all of the lawsuits this year!



Tide Pod Craze




Best Memes  & Heroic Social Videos      

Nike x Colin Kaepernick’s  Just Do It Campaign was a special moment in history, as well as a meme that took over the Internet!     



Beyoncé turned Coachella into a BEYONCE concert


Nicki Minaj QUEEN RADIO   

Nicki Minaj now has her own radio show via Apple Music and used it to air out her beefs and premiere new joints!