February 7, 2019

Big Pun Tribute w/ Fat Joe, Nore, Funk Flex & Big Ben [VIDEO]

Big Pun Tribute w/ Fat Joe, Nore, Funk Flex & Big Ben [VIDEO]

RIP Big Pun
We starting with a Legendary story a bout Flex First Legendary Freestyle with DMX, Nore & Canibus… just wow, information I didn’t even know, and how Pun was downstairs on that night.
Then Flex Bigs Up Nore & Joes podcast success, they go into a quick story about 69, a couple other side stories then we get into the first time Flex meets ‘Big Dog Punisher’.

They get in to so many more FIRE Stories, I’m talking Crazy Good, check it out;

Hip Hop… that’s that, this is Hip Hop! The stories, OMG! The Bridge Wars, the First time Joe met Pun in depth, who Pun was targeting, back to that first classic freestyle, the Classic Rocafella freestyle, the almost classic Firm Fam freestyle, Pun getting dead drunk and still tearing down a Show, the Almost Pun/Nore ‘Thug Brothers’ album, the Almost Pun/Fat Joe/Nore album called ‘3 Amigos’, Early label food budgets, Legendary Tunnel Stories, Mike Tyson stories, including the Mitch Green street fight. There was more than Pun talk but that’s to be expected when you get so much Hip Hop experience in one place and Pun would have had his popcorn listening to it all!!!