November 11, 2021

Big Sean Is Building A Movie Theater In Detroit, ‘A Dream Come True’

Big Sean Is Building A Movie Theater In Detroit, ‘A Dream Come True’

Big Sean is doing something BIG for his city.

The rapper is building his first movie theater in Detroit. He shared the news on Instagram. In the caption, Big Sean said,

“Building my 1st movie theatre in Detroit, pandemic slowed us down but it’s on the way!!! A dream come true, what else should I put in here? Arcade? Lounge? Bowling? A intimate Venue? Community Center? Let me know.” Take a look:

Hot New Hip Hop reported that the movie theater started construction in 2018, but the pandemic put plans on pause. It was slated to be complete in 2020, but now it’s not clear when it’ll finish. Since there’s no major movie theaters in Detroit, Sean wanted to change that. He said, 

“I feel that it is necessary to build a theater in the city, not only because of the joy and inspiration movies will bring to people’s lives, but I hope this theater will become a hub of creativity — a place for intimate concerts, lectures, meetings, and other events.”

Big Sean loves putting on for his city. In 2020, he donated $100,000 recording studio to the boys and girls club. He also has his DON (Detroit’s On Now) Weekend. In addition, he has the Sean Anderson Foundation, a nonprofit with his mother, Myra Anderson, that provides educational programming for youth in underserved communities.