April 20, 2022

Blac Chyna Says She Was ‘Joking’ When She Choked Rob & Put A Gun To His Head

Blac Chyna
Blac Chyna Says She Was ‘Joking’ When She Choked Rob & Put A Gun To His Head

Blac Chyna’s civil case with the Kardashians continues.

As reported on TMZ today (April 20), Blac Chyna appeared in court today and explained “why” she put a gun to Rob Kardashian’s head and choked him with an iPhone cord. She claims she was joking. 

While the reality star took the stand, she gave more details on Rob’s abuse allegations. She also spoke about their breakup and the end of their TV show. According to the publication, 

“Blac Chyna told the jury she and Rob were celebrating their show being picked up for a second season back in December 2016, with the former couple marking the occasion by throwing around money and ‘being silly.'” Then BC’s lawyers showed a video clip from the night of their alleged fight. The video shows Rob’s torn shirt. 

Blac Chyna claims Rob’s clothes were ripped when they were joking around and being silly and said she meant “no harm.” She also said he never asked her to stop or implied she was hurting him. 

Then she said Rob played video games later that night when she jokingly put an iPhone cord around his neck. According to BC, she only joked like that to get his attention. While talking to the court, she was adamant she wasn’t trying to strangle Rob. 

When talking about the gun, she said Rob kept it on the dresser, and Rob told her there weren’t any bullets in the house. She says when she put the gun to his head, he was on FaceTime with friends eating. She said she wasn’t being serious when she threatened him to never leave her. 

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Blac Chyna and the Kardashian clan are having a face-off in court stemming from a $100 million defamation lawsuit filed by BC in 2017. She accused the famed family of slut shaming her on social media after she and Rob broke up in 2016. 

The Cut points out earlier this week, that Blac Chyna Tweeted her thoughts on the Kardashian family/the case. In a lengthy message, she said,

“When they got my No. 1 hit show killed back in January 2017, that not only hurt me financially and emotionally, that hurt my beautiful KIDS … What they did was so wrong.”

Rob and Chyna share a daughter, Dream, 5.