February 20, 2018

‘Black Panther’ Breaks TONS Of Records In Its Opening Weekend

‘Black Panther’ Breaks TONS Of Records In Its Opening Weekend
(Photo Credit: Ian West/Getty Images)

The weekend is over, and a lot of people finally got a chance to see what all the hype was about as Black Panther hit theaters.

While initial projections showed for a BIG weekend, many did not predict the overwhelming success this movie has garnered not only in the United States, but worldwide.

The movie made about $235 million during this four-day weekend in the United States alone. Worldwide, the film made $404 million.

Where does that stand historically? According to Vanity Fair, that eye opening number makes Black Panther the fifth-highest opening for a film of all time during the normal three-day weekend with $201.7 million. That number also makes it the highest opening for any film in February.

In the Marvel universe, it has the second-best three day weekend for Marvel overall, topped only by Avengers which made $207.4 million. Other records this weekend include second-highest total for a Sunday ($60 million), and highest opening for a President’s Day weekend.

Comparte that to DC’s Justice League movie which made about $228 million overall. We will have to see if the splash of the latest Marvel film will continue to grow to reach the numbers of Avatar ($2,787,965,087), Titanic ($2,186,772,302), and Star Wars: The Force Awakens according to Box Office Mojo.

Black Panther will return in Avengers:Infinity War which is set to be released May 4.