January 26, 2017

Can Juelz Santana Get Cam’ron & Jim Jones Together For ONE More Album?

Can Juelz Santana Get Cam’ron & Jim Jones Together For ONE More Album?
(Photo Credit: Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

Will Dipset ever come back?

It’s the question hardcore fans have been asking ever since the fued between Cam’ron and Jim Jones sprinkled onto social media.

With Juelz Santana being the middle man between the two, is there enough for one more go around? During a recent interview with Complex, the rapper addressed being the middle man in the situation. 

“Cam, I ain’t gonna front, every time Cam has a big show, he reaches out to me,” he said. “I’m gonna come and shut it down and he knows I’m gonna come. It’s still that love from me, I’m coming.”

What about Jim Jones?

“If Jim calls me and asks me to do something, it’s kinda still like, I’m gonna come and I’m gonna do it. I got a mutual respect for both of them. It’s like an older brother thing. No matter what they’re going through, they know, I don’t pick a side. We at that age now where they can’t really put me in the middle of it. If I’m with Jim right now, I can leave Jim and go see Cam. I think Cam expected me, back in the day, to be more with him if something happened and Jim expected the same thing.”

While Jimmy Jones is hoping a Dipset album can come together, Cam’ron is less optomistic about the chances of it coming together.

As fans lets hope for one more.