July 31, 2019

Cardi B Show POSTPONED Due To Security Concerns

Cardi B Celebrity
Cardi B Show POSTPONED Due To Security Concerns
(Photo Credit: Lorne Thomson/Getty Images)

This is a shame.

Cardi B was getting ready to perform her show at Bankers Life Filendhouse in Indianapolis Tuesday night (July 31), when officials made the call to postpone the show due to security concerns.

According to TMZ, officials believed that her safety as well as the safety of fans was in danger, and decided to stop the show 30 minutes before it was scheduled to go on.

The Indianapolis Police Department released a statement following the decision, “this evening,the Indianapolis Po there was a scheduled concert at Bankers Life. We were notified of an unverified threat to the artist and the artist canceled this evening’s concert – there is no immediate threat to public safety, this not an active incident. Ongoing investigation. “

Cardi B has also released a statement of her own.

“Dear Indiana people I’m so sorry for today,” she wrote. “I will like to let you know I was at the venue I was even rehearsing a new move I been excited to do on my show. Unfortunately there was a security threat that is currently under investigation right now. My safety and your safety first.”

Cardi B has been active in recent days with political opinions, and was even called about by the likes of Candace Owens who is trying to bait her into a debate. Bardi recently sat down with Presidential hopeful Senator Bernie Sanders to and filmed a campaign video.

The show has been rescheduled for September 11.