September 11, 2018

Cardi B Shows Her Popularity & Offset Speaks Out After Nicki Minaj’s Comments On Queen Radio [VIDEO]

Cardi B
Cardi B Shows Her Popularity & Offset Speaks Out After Nicki Minaj’s Comments On Queen Radio [VIDEO]
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It was an eventful day on Monday (Sept 10), as Nicki Minaj went on her own radio show to give her take on what went on between herself and Cardi B during a Harper’s Baazar New York Fashion Week event in New York City.

During her latest Queen Radio episode, Nicki went off on Cardi B suggesting that she was racist, reacting to rumors that she got women beat up at a strip club, and accusing her of using payola to become popular.

“Do you know what the f*** it is to sit in your f***in’ room for hours and days at a time writing raps?! You came into my f***ing culture. I never had to f*** a DJ to play my songs. You calling black women roaches, you been getting girls beat up because of what your man’s doing? Real bitches never do that. You never attack the woman. You never attack the woman! You take that up with your f***in’ man. F*** out of here. You’re angry and you’re sad and this is not funny and this is not about attacking. This is about get this woman some f***ing help. This woman is at the best stage in her career and she’s out here throwing bottles and throwing shoes?! Who the fuck is going to give her a f***ing intervention?”

Cardi B hasn’t said anything since releasing her statement minutes after the altercation, but did post on Instagram showing the love has been receiving on the road, including a full crowd during Jay-Z & Beyonce’s On The Run II tour reciding lyrics to her hit single “Bodak Yellow.”

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On the run 2 tour!!! REAL LIFE ,REAL LOVE

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According to a report from TMZ, Cardi B doesn’t quite regret her actions that day.

Sources close to Cardi tell us the “I Like It” MC feels zero remorse about her dustup with Nicki this weekend at a New York Fashion Week event. Our sources are adamant — Cardi was simply defending her daughter’s honor after hearing Nicki had been talking trash about her family … and she’d still sling her stiletto if she had to do it all over again.

As for Offset, he went onto Instagram stories to share a subliminal message himself that seems to be in reaction of Nicki Minaj’s comments on Queen Radio.

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Wonder who #Offset is talking about