May 12, 2022

Casanova Releases A Statement After Guilty Plea

Casanova Releases A Statement After Guilty Plea

Casanova is speaking up on recently pleading guilty to racketeering and drug charges. 

In an Instagram post, the rapper said, “The system is crazy. They had me in the box for four months for no reason probably so I can take this plea. As soon as I copped out they moved me straight from court to Essex County without my knowledge and without any of my property. Legal work or nothing smh this is crazy.” 

We recently reported that the Brooklyn-born rapper, whose real name is Caswell Senior, pled guilty and that it was pointed out that he did admit to committing the crimes while leading an interstate gang. 

Casanova turned himself into the authorities in late 2020 and admitted to a shooting that took place in July 2020 in Florida, a robbery in August 2018, and more crimes. 

The “Don’t Run” rapper also revealed that he was placed on suicide watch after trying to take his own life multiple times while incarcerated. Casanova is set to appear in court again in December and is currently facing between five to sixty years in jail.