May 21, 2021

Chief Keef’s Official Glo Gang Sneaker Campaign: ‘Glory 1’s’

Chief Keef’s Official Glo Gang Sneaker Campaign: ‘Glory 1’s’

Chief Keef’s love for Air Force 1’s has inspired Glo Gang’s designer Casimir Colourfulmula Spaulding to create their rendition of the sneaker called “Glory 1’s.” The kick’s first drop arrives in a low-top all white and all-black colorway. The shoe contains the wording “Glory Boyz” on the inner & outer sides. Now in high demand, Glory 1s are available for purchase.

“The sneakers are a statement piece something part of our culture, something that is for us that represent us. So we put our take on the AF1’s. Believe it or not, I’ve been working on these shoes since 2015. Trying to find the right manufacturer and going through sample ect.” – colourfulmula.

Check out the full campaign video commercial and graphic ads highlighting the kicks and Glo Gang apparel:

The official campaign is produced by Hausofcreators featuring two models in a galactic space visual to channel the Glo Gang’s tee and jumper set being worn. Creative Directed & Styled by Venusrose. Photography by Stephendlane. Photography graphic editing by AuntyMurda. Video graphics by Troy.the.editor, and instrumentals by Prodbyguido.

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