May 2, 2017

Chris Rock Talks Kendrick, Cole, Chappelle, Charlie Murphy and More! [VIDEO]

Chris Rock
Chris Rock Talks Kendrick, Cole, Chappelle, Charlie Murphy and More! [VIDEO]
(Photo Credit: Karl Ferguson JR.)

Chris Rock passed through Ebro in the Morning to drop some gems with the crew, and have some very good conversation around hip hop, comedy, women, and more.

The recently divorced comedian had some good hip hop talk with Rosenberg and Laura Stylez, and even gave his input into Rosenberg’s debate that Kendrick Lamar was the best rapper of all time. He thinks highly of Kendrick but believes, J. Cole has earned a seat at the conversation as well.

“I believe he has entered the conversation [of one of the greats in hip hop].”

He also spoke about his love for A Tribe Called Quest and their recent album We Got It From Here… Thank You 4 Your Service.

“Most rappers about their third or fourth album they make remember rap,” he said about the group after releasing a new project over 20 years after their first.

As for Andre 3000, he admitted that he does have his number, and has tried to beg him into one more Outkast album to no avail.

“I did my speech,” he said. “He’s like a hot chick. It’s like telling Amber Rose about her curves. ‘Oooh you think I’m attactive huh?’”

In Rosario Dawson’s last visit, she explained that he was trying to shoot his shot to do some extra takes of her sex scene with Rock. When asked, he admitted to doing so.

“I mean come on it’s Rosario,” he said. “It’s a low budget movie so you got to get it in four takes and keep it moving. Those scenes make out with Rosario it was like ‘take 35, it’s not quite.’ I was like yeah, let’s try again. I was so happy making out with Rosario, that was my pay.”

After sharing a photo of the late Charlie Murphy, the comedian also looked back at his audition as “Gusto” in the movie CB4, and pulling out a real gun.

Before leaving he also gave a list of his top five comedians of all time.

Chris Rock is currently on the second tail of the Blackout Tour. He will be performing at Atlantic City, New Jersey on June 3, and at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn December 9. For more information go here.

Watch the full interview below.