August 10, 2017

CONGRATS! Joe Budden & Cyn Santana Are Expecting A Baby! [PHOTO]

CONGRATS! Joe Budden & Cyn Santana Are Expecting A Baby! [PHOTO]
(Photo Credit: Bennett Raglin/Getty Images)

Things JUST got real between Joe Budden and Cyn Santana!

The couple just revealed that they are expecting a child together! It will be Joe’s second and Cyn’s first child.

They revealed the news with some Instagram posts in which they shared their excitement together, including some words in which Joe shared how special this girlfriend means for him.

Both look really happy! Congrats!

See the announcement below.


My biggest blessing… In the name of love. Thank you God!

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I Never…. I never knew we’d get here, it’s funny… I never saw you in that light. Now I never see light without you. I never courted you, an if I did I never acknowledged it. I never had a friend in romance. I never thought that was possible. I never have laughed this much or hard. I never knew you or your energy were so radiant, enigmatic even…. but I never knew you………. I never could’ve been more deprived. I never felt this way before. I never not thank God for every intricate detail that make you whole. It makes me whole. I never imagined you would be as beautiful as you are today, it’s beautiful to be a part of. Thank you for it all. Thank you for not only making me stronger, but for being strong enough for us both most times. Thank you for for carrying my child. Thank you for helping me rectify some generational issues, thank you for helping me get it right. Thank you for making that important to you as well. Thank you for every I never Thank you for changing my forever, forever Thank you for hope, joy & acceptance… Because if there’s one thing you’ve taught me is that what tomorrow holds, thank GOD, I never know. I love you. I love y’all. PS – ITS FUCKING LIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you @cynsantana

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