January 3, 2020

DaBaby Arrested In Miami For Battery

Celebrity DaBaby
DaBaby Arrested In Miami For Battery
(Photo Credit: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)

Days after Diddy called him the hottest rapper in the world, DaBaby finds himself in legal trouble after an altercation with a concert promoter in Miami.

According to TMZ, the Charlotte, North Carolina native was arrested after a meeting with a concert promoter went left. The report states that he believed that the person was “several thousand dollars” short of the agreed amount, and DaBaby then took things in his own hands. He was reportedly handed $20,000, which was allegedly $10,000 short of what the rapper had agreeed to. That’s when he and his team allegedly took $80, a credit card, his iPhone 7, and poured some apple juice on him. 

The report also says that another man may have been punched in his face. 

He was arrested, and charged with battery, and will reportedly remain there until he faces a judge on Friday.

DaBaby was also arrested last week in his hometown after performing during a charity event. After being cited with marijuana possession, he talked to reporters about the harassment he allegedly receives everytime he tries to perform in Charlotte.

Footage was taken of the most recent incident, and can be seen below.