June 29, 2018

Dame Dash Breaks Down Why He Confronted Lee Daniels; He Responds [VIDEO]

Dame Dash Breaks Down Why He Confronted Lee Daniels; He Responds [VIDEO]

(Photo Credit: Jerod Harris/Getty Images)

This week a video went viral showing Dame Dash confront Lee Daniels in public as he asks for $2 million he loaned the director to start his career.

He stopped to talk to DJ Felli Fel to discuss the incident, and break down the events that caused him to confront Daniels.

“Before I invested in myself, pause – I invested in him,” he said. “And even when he got it and his dreams came true, he just shut the door, locked them and was like, ‘I’m not going to give you your money back.’  With no explanation.”

It looks like Daniels may not be the only person that owes him some money. He also says he robs from the culture to make some money.


According to Deadline, Dash is suing Daniels for $5 million for fraud. He claimed that the director promised to make him executive producer for the Richard Pryor biopic, as well as 5{347b3eab01faeb3048b2b7ab2b58c469963f1a36dd9436ceff3f6050f82e3ac3} of the profits for the film, but backed out of the agreement.

Daniels spoke to TMZ about the incident in which he took responsibility for not paying him back, and has thought about what Dame Dash has done for his career. He claims he will be paying $2 million back saying “it’s the right thing to do.”

Watch the full interview below.

UPDATE: Dame Dash calls peace on their beef.