July 22, 2020

Dame Dash Checks On Kanye West In Wyoming 

Dame Dash Checks On Kanye West In Wyoming 


Fans and people close to Kanye West are deeply concerned about him. Earlier this week, Kanye appeared to have a public mental breakdown during his first presidential campaign rally. Aside from spewing untrue statements like Harriet Tubman not really freeing the slaves, he also spoke on personal information with his family life, which has his wife Kim Kardashian “furious” and “shocked.”

Kanye’s odd behavior continued this week as he went on a Twitter rant and Tweeted a series of disturbing Tweets. Dave Chappelle rushed to the rapper’s side in Wyoming to offer some support. Dame Dash also visited Kanye and posted it to his Instagram account. I’m the caption Dame wrote, “we good.”

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It looks like right now, Kanye needs a solid support system around him. It seems like Kanye West being around his close friends has lifted his spirits, he said “it’s so good to have real ones around.”