March 20, 2019

Daniel Caesar Receives MAJOR Backlash After Defending YesJulz [VIDEO]

Daniel Caesar Receives MAJOR Backlash After Defending YesJulz [VIDEO]
(Photo Credit: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

Daniel Caesar is in hot fire after going onto Instagram Live “drunk” as he claimed, and said some things in which his general audience did not believe in.

During the session, he defended YesJulz who got into some hot water herself following comments made to Scottie Beam and Karen Civil on the podcast Easily Offended.

“Why are we being so mean to Julz?” he said. “Why are we being so mean to white people right now? That’s a serious question. Why is it that we’re allowed to be disrespectful and rude to everybody else and when anybody returns any type of energy to us . . . That’s not equality. I don’t wanna be treated like I can’t take a joke.”

He also asked his fans why they were so mean to white people.

Caesar also addressed Dave Chappelle’s comments on John Mayer’s Instagram Live show in which he addressed that the singer was “very gay,” before saying, “huh? Oh, I’m sorry, did I say that out loud? I’m just kidding.”

“I just went through that f***ing Chappelle s*** and I had to in the moment acknowledge that I was being f***ing sensitive and that I need to be able to take a joke just like everybody else,” he said. “That’s what it is. People are allowed to say whatever the f*** they want. White people have been mean to us in the past. What are you gonna do about that? Tell me what you’re gonna do about that. There’s no answer other than creating understanding and keeping it moving. That’s some biblical shit. You have to bridge the gap.”

Did Daniel Caesar alienate his fans with his comments?