December 21, 2021

Dave East Addresses Faizon Love Calling Him A’ Fake Crip’

Dave East Addresses Faizon Love Calling Him A’ Fake Crip’

Last year, actor Faizon Love accused Dave East of being a “fake crip.” Now, the rapper is addressing Faizon’s comment.

Dave recently appeared on a podcast and spoke on the claims. Dave didn’t refer to Faizon by his name; he referred to him as his character Big Worm on Friday. According to Dave, he’s clueless as to why Faizon would attempt to call him out and has no plans on trying to “prove” himself to Faizon. The “God’s Favorite” rapper said,

“I ain’t gon’ front, I asked the bro and I was like, I don’t know what I did, I don’t know if he even has b*tches for me to hit. He ain’t even make it to Next Friday. But my whole thing is I never met– respect, bro, like, I don’t have no problems with Big Worm. I’m not even gonna say his real name, you Big Worm. That’s all n***as know you by. I never met you, never spoke to you, only seen you on Friday as a kid and n***as f*cked with you.” East continued,

“I was a fan! I liked your role on Friday. N***a woke up one day and said, ‘Dave East ain’t a real crip.’ Who told you that? Who you went and sat around and gave you that vibe?”

The Harlem rapper also said,

“I don’t have nothing to prove to a soul. I’ll be 33 in June. I’m a grown f*cking man. Who I gotta prove something to? You don’t believe it, then you don’t believe it. If you know, then you know. I never met him, never spoke to him in my life.”

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