April 20, 2019

Dave East Explains To Funk Flex What #420 Means to Him [VIDEO]

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Ok… Let me be clear, as you read this article, and as I write it rather… I am High, which clearly I didn’t write this ON 4/20, so you know I get high all the time… This content was All type of up ‘my alley’. Funk Flex pulled together a unique creative that is well known for consuming Cannabis, Dave East, who recently was casted in the Wu Tang Series premiering on Hulu, playing Method Man, and if you don’t know Meth IS a Cannabis user, the word ‘Method’ was a word used for Marijuana on the streets in the early 90’s. We get into how #420 makes Dave Feel, which as the ‘head’ that Dave is, 420 is a Holiday, but as for smoking, everyday is 420, it’s more of a holiday for the non smokers to celebrate the Smokers! I get a chance to break down some facts that us smokers know by heart, i.e. Sativa vs Indica and had a great feeling of satisfaction for Dave East to back me up. Chubby Chub brought in a great point that not all consumers are smokers, another reason 420 is a Holiday for more than the ‘smoker’. Let me not hold you up with any more words, watch for yourself:

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