November 16, 2018

Delays & Closures Already in Affect For NYC’s Snowstorm Today [VIDEO]

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Delays & Closures Already in Affect For NYC’s Snowstorm Today [VIDEO]

Photo credit: Spencer Platt / Getty Images

Update: Delays on George Washington Bridge due to accidents. 

Thursday, 11/15/2018- New York is experiencing its first snowfall of the season! Bur! Were you ready for this? 

The snow is expected to start at 12 noon and run all the way through 7PM. The city’s emergency management service issued a travel advisory for today as conditions are expected to be bad. The emergency management also advised New Yorkers to be aware of slippery conditions, particularly during the evening commute.

The snow is reportedly supposed to fall between 1 and 5 inches, which will eventually turn into freezing rain- which will go until Friday. 

There has yet to be any commute delays as of yet, but the rush hour commute is expected to be a bit chaotic. Be sure to drive safely, and take your time!

Here’s a list of safety travel tips:

  • Drive slowly. Vehicles take longer to stop on snow and ice than on dry pavement.
  • Four-wheel drive vehicles may make it easier to drive on snow-covered roads, but they stop less quickly than other vehicles.
  • Use major streets or highways for travel whenever possible.
  • Know your vehicle’s braking system. Vehicles with anti-lock brakes require a different braking technique than vehicles without anti-lock brakes in snowy conditions.
  • If you are driving and begin to skid, ease your foot off the gas and steer in the direction you want the front of the car to go. Straighten the wheel when the car moves in the desired direction. If you have an anti-lock braking system (ABS), apply steady pressure to the brake pedal. Never pump the brakes on an ABS equipped vehicle.
  • Try to keep your vehicle’s gas tank as full as possible. 
  • Pedestrians should exercise caution and avoid slippery surfaces; some ice may not be visible. Wear sturdy boots that provide traction to reduce slipping. Use handrails when using stairs.
  • Seniors should take extra care outdoors to avoid slips and falls. 
  • Have heightened awareness of cars, particularly when approaching or crossing intersections.

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