June 29, 2018

Details of XXXTentacion’s Will Has Been Released!

Details of XXXTentacion’s Will Has Been Released!
Photo Credit: Bennett Raglin – Getty Images 

After a premature death, more unfolds in the story of  artist XXXTentacion.


According to reports all of the money and assets that were acquired by the 20 year-old rapper are going to close family. 


TMZ claims that the rapper signed a will which states majority of his fortune/belongings  will go to his mother and two brothers. 


The will was reportedly filed in November of 2017 which is expected to be before the rapper or his family knew about his unborn child, therefore the child and girlfriend are not written in the will. 


The amount of money that the rapper was worth has not been stated, however, after the recent skyrocket in music streams and sales it is possible that the amount has increased exponentially.


By: Monasia Deana