September 7, 2018

Did Eminem Subliminally Send MGK A Warning? [VIDEO]

Did Eminem Subliminally Send MGK A Warning? [VIDEO]
(Photo Credit: TORBEN CHRISTENSEN/Getty Images)

It looks like Eminem is gearing up to respond to MGK.

The rapper went on Instagram live yesterday (Sept 6), in which he literally just sat there and played a Pac Man arcade game without saying a word and had Eric B & Rakim’s classic single “Paid In Full,” blaring in the background. He also wasn’t playing any Pac Man game though, it was specifically Ms. Pac Man.

In case you’re not aware, MGK has a Pac Man tattoo that runs across his collarbone.

With reports that Eminem would be dropping a response track on Friday, this is being seen as a hint to everyone that something is indeed coming very soon.

Or he could just be randomly playing a game of Pac Man.

Check out parts of the Instagram Live session below.

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