December 12, 2018

Diddy Attempts To Shut Down The King Of R&B Debate [VIDEO]

Diddy Attempts To Shut Down The King Of R&B Debate [VIDEO]
(Photo Credit: Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

Diddy wants to put an end to the king of r&b debate once and for all.

The internet has been on fire this week after Jacquees went onto Instagram to declare himself the king of r&b. That allowed for tons of reactions from artists as well as the people on social media as we all try to crown who the king really is today.

It’s Diddy’s turn to give his two cents, and he did so simply by defining what it takes to be the king.

“That word king is too loosely thrown around,” he said. “Now I understand the concept that we are all kings, I understand that, but if we’re talking about in the competitive arena of music, cats give away the king thing too early. A couple of hits ain’t gonna do it.”

He also speaks on the genre.

“We’re talking about sharing your soul, “he said. “We’re talking about making love through your music, making a whole generation of babies. Adoring a woman, not you know putting her down, not talking about how you just wanna smash her. Adoring her.”

Do you agree with Diddy?