February 20, 2018

DJ Enuff: Yo, Check Me Out! I’m on a Carnival Cruise!

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DJ Enuff: Yo, Check Me Out! I’m on a Carnival Cruise!
Photo Credit: DJ Enuff  

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Hey Everyone, it’s DJ Enuff! 

Now if you’ve been following me on social media, then you know I’m currently on a 7 day Carnival cruise, aboard Carnival’s Fascination. This boat is so off the charts, I had to let you guys in on my first day at sea, thus far.

carnival cruiseship

What I absolutely love about Carnival’s Fascination is that it deports at night from San Juan, Puerto Rico, which meant I got to spend the entire day Sunday visiting my mom and grandma, in PR! Now, I haven’t seen my mom and grandma since this past October when they came to stay with me for a few weeks after Hurricane Irma and Maria, so I was super excited!!

We spent the day exploring Old San Juan, and I bought a few things I forgot to pack before leaving New York; hello sunscreen and swim trunks!! We even went to go visit my favorite mango tree, which was unfortunately knocked down because of the hurricanes.  

San Juan

Around 9 pm, I said my goodbyes to my family and me and Haitian Pat boarded the Fascination, making a stop at the ships Blue Iguana Tequila Bar, for a few drinks before heading to bed. I mean what’s a vacation without a few umbrella cocktails to kick off the evening.  

Posing in front of Carnival Cruise Ship

Blue Tequila Bar

Blue Tequila Bar

This morning, we woke up at our first island stop, St. Thomas. I found one of my favorite green juices, The Incredible Hulk, to hold me over while we explore the island, until dinner later tonight.

Well, I have to go relax on the beach for a few hours, but be sure to check back in with me, on Thursday, for more updates! Also, don’t forget to enter for your chance to win a cruise for you and a guest sailing from any Carnival Port in North America for up to 8 days!