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September 24, 2020

Dr. Dre’s Wife Accused Of Stealing More Money After Draining Business Account

HOT News
Dr. Dre’s Wife Accused Of Stealing More Money After Draining Business Account
Dr. Dre’s estranged wife of 24 years, Nicole Young, is being accused of stealing more money on top of draining their entire business account.
Earlier this week we
Nicole was accused of stealing funds from Dre’s business account. According to court documents obtained by
, it alleges that Nicole decimated their business account, Record One, for $353,571.85. There was even a check that Nicole wrote to herself.
Now Dr. Dre’s business partner, Larry Chatman, who co-founded Record One studio with Dre in 2015, is accusing Nicole of grand theft.
reports after she took $353,571.85, two days after she took an additional $31,457, after no longer being legally authorized to do so.
Larry’s legal team is threatening to take legal action. Dre’s legal team is
Nicole return the money (the money she first embezzled) within a week or else he plans to sue.
Nicole’s legal team called this an attempt to smear his client’s name and that it’s a “low-grade PR stunt.” They believe Dre’s team is trying to take the spotlight off her lawsuit against him about hiding assets.
The divorce is getting uglier by the day. It started out smoothly until there was confusion on if Nicole ever signed a prenup. She claims she was “pressured” to sign one while Dre says that’s false. Nicole requested access to Dre’s finances and requested $2 million a month. She also
of Dr. Dre’s name plus the trademark for
The Chronic
We have to wait and see what the legal system decides, we'll keep you updated.
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