May 3, 2020

Drake Opens Up To Lil Wayne About Sharing Photos Of His Son

Drake Opens Up To Lil Wayne About Sharing Photos Of His Son

Drake was a special guest on Lil Wayne’s new show, ‘Young Money Radio’ and spoke new music, fatherhood and breaking the internet by sharing a photo of his son for the first time.

During the conversation, Drake explained how much sharing pictures of his son meant to him, and most importantly- sharing why he felt it was necessary.

“I posted those pictures. It was great for me,” he said.” It was great to just share that with the world and I just felt like … It wasn’t even anything I talked to anybody about or anything I planned. I just woke up one morning and I was like, you know what? This is just something that I want to do.”

He continued, “I want to be able to go places with my son and share memories with my son. I don’t want to feel like just because of a life choice I made to be a ‘celebrity’ that I got to make everybody live under this blanket… I just wanted to free myself of that.”

He was also inspired by his peers, and other artist around him who are great parents, despite being busy with their careers. “And that gave me a lot of confidence too… A lot of us, like Chainz, is a great father and a lot of the guys that we came up around just being great family men on those tours and on those long studio nights when albums need to get done,” Drake said. “But specifically you, just how you always just made shit function and work and how much love the people in your life have for you. And I could just tell the way your kids would stare at you that the time and effort that you put in as a father. So, that was really inspiring for me just to know that I can still keep pushing forward as a musician and be there for my son.”

Drake surprised fans by dropping a mixtape, Friday morning. He explains how Dark Lane Demo Tapes, came together. “We pieced a lot of those songs together and I put a few new joints on there, but really it was just instead of dropping a single right now,” he recalled. “It’s an interesting time for us all as musicians to figure out how this works and what people need. And I just felt like people would appreciate maybe a body of something to listen to as opposed to just one isolated song.”