May 26, 2017

Ebro Responds To Recent Accusations Made on Joe Budden’s Podcast! [VIDEO]

Ebro Responds To Recent Accusations Made on Joe Budden’s Podcast! [VIDEO]

Earlier this year, Colin Kaepernick and our own Nessa helped organize the Know Your Rights Camp in New York City. It was an event to bring knowledge, self empowerment, and advice to the young generation around the community.

During the New York event, both Charlamagne and Ebro were there in support of the cause.

Yesterday (May 24), Charlamagne was a guest on the Joe Budden Podcast (46 minute mark) in which he said that said Ebro asked him to take a photo at the Know Your Rights Camp, and gave his side of the story. A request he denied and he claimed was for “retweets.”

Ebro decided to clear the air and give the full story in what really happened that night, giving context to the request and why it was made.

“I walk up to him and his security,” he said. “I walk over and introduce myself.”

Nessa who organized the event and was on hand called in to help bring truth on the matter.

“I asked you, ‘hey E if it’s ok when you guys converse and talk things out I think it’s important for you guys to take a picture together for those who couldnt be there to see that see you guys were able to come together, put your differences to the side to show what really matters and that is to empower kids especially all over the world and show its bigger than radio differences or what not.’ And you were ok with it and said ‘no problem.’”

Ebro then broke down the contents of their conversation following the two meeting, and revealing that he denied the request for a photo.

He also makes it clear that “it’s not about us, we just have cool ass jobs” and that there is no real beef between the two just radio competition. It was supposed to be bigger than radio and something for the kids.

Listen to the full segment below.