July 26, 2019

Fabolous DENIES & Lashes Out Against Latest Rumors On Him & Emily B

Fabolous DENIES & Lashes Out Against Latest Rumors On Him & Emily B
(Photo Credit: Gary Gershoff/Getty Images)

Fabolous is NOT playing around with any reports that could break up his family.

Last night (Jul 25), a report from TMZ surfaced which it was reported that he allegedly broke up with Emily B after a photo surfaced with himself and a another woman.

According to Fabolous himself, he is furious at the content of this post and is looking into legal issues.

“I LOVE YOU EMILY  That @tmz_tv story is fake. I never told anyone I split up from Emily. And I wasn’t on a date. That whole story is made up,” he wrote on the caption of a photo which included more messaging.

“I’ve never said I split up form Emily. I love Emily Bustamante!!! We are a couple working on our relationship. That TMZ story & blogs are LIES.”


He followed up that message with a second post denying the content of the story.

“These blogs are making fake stories & breaking up families. Complicating people’s lives for a story!! For some clicks.
@tmztv_ ran a baseless story with no confirmations from me or @emilyb_ I LOVE EMILY B.,” he repeated.

That caption was included on a post clearing up what the picture REALLY was about.

“@TMZ posted a lunch meeting I had wit a female teacher & said I was on a date & added a bogus story that I cut off or split from EMILY. This is defamation of character!!!! I’m going to reach out to my lawyers to take action!! This is baseless & affecting my likeness, my character & MY FAMILY.”


He also went on Instagram Live to deny the reports.