April 4, 2018

Flatbush Zombies Destroy #Freestyle095 with Funk Flex [VIDEO] #CIROCstudios

Flatbush Zombies Destroy #Freestyle095 with Funk Flex [VIDEO] #CIROCstudios

[Recorded at CIROC Studios]

The saying is still Not everyone can come up here…. Now yes we’ve had people up that flubbed and hurt themselves, but that still does mean ‘Everybody CAN’T come up here’… BUT this, this is NOT that, the Zombies Def came up here and killed it!! Now you already know coming to this post… I’m fuxing with with pretty much any MC(s) from the Borough of Brooklyn any way but listen to this and tell me it’s not Lit, I’ll wait;

They each picked a diff beat that they felt fit them and they killed that sh*t Bee!!! These guys are dope AF!!!!! Big Shout to Josh for making it happen!!!