January 16, 2019

Future Quits Lean; Explains Why He Didn’t Tell His Fans [VIDEO]

Future Quits Lean; Explains Why He Didn’t Tell His Fans [VIDEO]
(Photo Credit: Prince Williams/Getty Images)

For some artists, their persona and character on stage and music videos mean a lot to their career.

The rapper has a brand new album on the way Friday, and he decided to sit down with Rob Markman and open up on his decision to stop drinking lean and why he made the decision to not make a big announcement for fans.

“I don’t want to tell nobody I stopped drinking lean,” Future said. “I didn’t want to tell them because I felt like then they was going to be like ‘oh, his music changed because he ain’t drinking lean no more.’ Or, ‘I can hear it when he changing.’ And people be like ‘Damn, why don’t you even say it?’ But it’s hard when your fans are used to you being a certain type of way.”

He reiterates that it hasn’t stopped his music making process.

“It hasn’t changed my process,” he said. “But it has made me want to go harder… just looking over and not seeing him to the right of me — I was always to the left and he was on the right — still the only thing that gets to me to this day. But, besided that, I just keep recording.”

If played correctly, his decision could make him a leader in kicking bad habits, and trying to lead a healthier lifestyle.

His album The WIZRD is set to be released Friday.